Medithera case studies

Case Reports on the daily use of Medithera treatment
Dr. Jurgen Esche from Hamburg Germany has been keeping records of patients using the Medithera Home system. This is a summary of 15 case reports ranging from Crohn’s Disease to Osteoporosis.

Case Study Oedema
20 Patients were treated for Oedema where they underwent magnetic field treatment with the Medithera system in combination with homeopathic detoxification and diuresis treatment.

Case Report Skin Diseases
Dr. Carlo Zaccagna shows a case of a 75-year old woman with artherosclerotic vasculopathy where PEMF with Medithera promotes wound healing.

Case Study Joint Pain
Dr. Giampiero Girotti directed a clinical trial with patients suffering from complaints affecting the shoulder and vertebral column.

Case Report Gonarthrosis of the Knee
Dr. Manfred Fusting reports about the benefits of Medithera treatment with a patient who has chronic synovialitis in early stage of gonarthrosis.

Abstract Lymphedema
Professor C. Campisi directed a study witha group of 50 patients affected from lymphedema and how PEMF treatment improved the clinical picture.