PEMF Technology

By laying on the Medithera mat for 8 minutes twice a day, low pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygen assimilation and accelerate the removal of toxic chemicals and waste. This will support the body to recover its own self-healing capabilities.

Importance of the sodium-potassium pump

Many of the processes in human metabolism are controlled or influenced by magnetic fields. Magnetic fields play an important role in the transportation of energy sources such as sugar and oxygen to our cells where they can be used as “fuel”. Thus the energy vital for our metabolism is created. In particular the so-called sodium-potassium pump – a protein in the cell membrane which regulates the transport of charged particles and is responsible for the electrical charge of our cells – is controlled by magnetic fields. The sodium-potassium pump is so important for our metabolism that our body uses around a quarter of its total metabolic energy to keep the pump working.

Medithera has recognized the importance of the sodium-potassium pump for the metabolism and bodily functions. During intensive research the development team discovered the precise magnetic fields – or rather the magnetic field frequencies – which activate the pump optimally. With this knowledge the team was able to develop a magnetic field system which contained the correct frequencies. The new system, which is unique worldwide, can create frequencies which are naturally (physiologically) effective and which can target and support the sodium-potassium pump and therefore the metabolism in cells and organs. In this way the body’s functions and self-healing powers are optimally activated.

New technology

Medithera researchers varied the exponential functions and tested impulse groups with frequencies until their impulse recreated natural conditions. It was therefore possible to create magnetic fields with defined impulse forms, field strength and frequency spectrums. The biological effectively of the spectrums was ensured using a pulse-pause modulation. Using this new technology, frequencies could be created that are physiologically highly effective and which support metabolism, cell metabolism and the regeneration capability of the cells in various organs. For example low frequencies below 35 Hz have a relaxing and activating effect; they promote sleep and strengthen the immune system. The so-called Schumann frequency at around 10 Hz contributes to general well-being, immunological changes, an improvement in concentration and an improvement in performance. A frequency of 4 Hz has proven helpful in treating sleeplessness, frequencies of 15 and 35 Hz for diseases of the muscles and bones and for reducing pain. Etc.

These are the features of the new signal:

  • It mimics physiological signals.
  • The body’s metabolism and self-healing powers can be targeted and supported with the right dosage.
  • The impulse uses so-called saw-tooth amplitudes to optimally activate the protein in the cell membranes.
  • Between the individual impulses there is a pause (“pulse-pause modulation”)
    which makes the signal biologically more effective. *
  • Critical frequencies around 50 Hertz (electronic smog) are consistently filtered out.
  • As the various frequencies are collected in “impulse packages” very different effects can be achieved. The advantage: The system can offer support where it is most necessary.

The Medithera system is noted for its optimal “tuning in” to the natural processes in the human body. It does not force artificial frequencies onto the body, but rather supports the body’s own mechanisms. It helps the organism to help itself.

The following effects can be achieved

At the Cell-level:

  • improved energy supply to the cells through the activation of tunnel proteins in the cell membrane (oxygen and energy sources such as sugar can reach the cells more easily and can be used there as “fuel”).
  • Stimulation of the body’s own regulation mechanisms.
  • Avoidance of free radicals (aggressive oxygen compounds) through the increased formation of the body’s own protection systems.

At the organism level:

  • improved circulation also in the smallest veins
  • reduced discomfort
  • improved function of the immune system
  • improved physical and mental performance
  • more vitality and well-being
  • improved relaxation and restful night sleep
  • optimization of the effect of orthodox medical or alternative therapies

* Use of the Medithera systems on humans and animals has been proven safe and effective in Europe. As yet, no medical claims are made or implied concerning use or application in the USA.